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The LaserCube is a powerful, portable, and easy-to-use laser system designed with DJs, Musicians and Live Performers in mind. Stunning laser shows can be created in minutes using the free LaserOS software and any PC, Mac, or Android device.

彩票12app8888c Experience endless creativity with built-in features like Visualizers, Effects, Abstracts, Animations, Beam Shows, Freehand Drawing, Custom Text, Clock Display, Games, Logo and Animation Import, and much more!

Starting from            €499


3 hour battery
weighs 3 pounds
1w pure diode
彩票12app8888c33k analog color

Model: 1W 2W
Blue: 700mW 1200mW
Green: 100mW 400mW
Red: 150mW 400mW
Battery: 14,000 mAh
Modulation: Analog 33kHz
Scan speed: >30,000pps @ 8 deg
Max Scan Angle: >32 degrees
Size: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
Weight: 1.4 kg
Voltage: 100 - 240V
Warranty: 1 year
Software: Included
Safety: Features key, interlock, beam block, indicator LED. Complies with latest safety standard IEC 60825-1
Manual: View User Manual

Q. My Windows PC does not detect the LaserCube, how do I update my drivers?


1. Connect LaserCube to PC
2. Open zadig
3. Options > List All Devices
4. Choose Laserdock Interface 0
5. Choose libusbK as driver
6. Click install
彩票12app8888c Repeat 3-5 for interface 1 and 2

Q: What materials the 1W lasercube engrave?

Lasercube 1w can engrave paper and wood. With the focusing lens (in the expanded lens kit) the result is more precise. Please see .

彩票12app8888cQ. What is the difference between microphone and loopback audio?

LaserOS needs an audio input in order to generate music reactive visuals. Loopback audio is superior to microphone in both latency and accuracy. On Windows, all you need to do is select a Loopback audio source. On Mac, you need to install Sound Siphon and then you have to select Sound Siphon as Audio Output in Sound Settings. For Android, loopback audio is not possible. The workaround is to manually add and play songs from LaserOS’s Music app to use them as an audio input.

Q: Is the LaserCube legal in the USA?

The LaserCube includes all required safety features per international regulations. If you are looking for a US-varianced LaserCube please visit:

Q: What are some safety tips?

Do not shoot lasers at people.The very bottom of the laser projection should at least 3 meters above the floor, so there is clearance between someone’s head and the lasers. Laterally, there should be 2.5 meter distance.

彩票12app8888cAs with all lasers, never allow any laser beam to enter the sky. Laser beams striking aircraft can blind pilots and is considered a felony offense in most countries.

彩票12app8888cWe highly do not recommend scanning the crowd unless there is explicit permission granted from your government. Check your local laws first before using a laser in public areas / outdoors.

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